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The King's Speach


 The King's Speech was first released in 2010  the 6th of September, A historical drama film. The movie was very successful at that time which made them won an academy award for it and the main Character is King George VI (Colin Firth). the beginning of the movie was better than any movie I've watched before which made it very interesting,as well  the music ; it was fit to the beginning and it was so beautiful and relaxing, it was just perfect. The story was even  better. In fact, the main point was deep and it let you think more about how to give a perfect speech without losing your confidence whatever you are saying and whatever the subject is. you got to believe in yourself and to work hard for what you want. King George said once after he went to a doctor in their first meeting  that he can't do it and its very hopeless trying to achieve the main goal of all that, but the doctor was a believer a strong one, actually he didn't give up on King George ever. He tried his best to help him and believe me the result was unexpected at all. The movie is very inspirational  you wont regret watching it.

Don't forget to learn from it,too 
its very helpful, Good luck. 

Here's some quotes:  

Lionel Logue: Do you know any jokes?
King George VI: ...Timing isn't my strong suit.

Lionel Logue: How do you feel?
King George VI: Full of hot air.
Lionel Logue: Isn't that what public speaking is all about?

Lionel Logue: You still stammered on the 'W'.
King George VI: Well I had to throw in a few so they knew it was me.

Robert Wood: Let the microphone do the work.

King George VI: Is the nation ready for two minutes of radio silence?

King George VI and His wife

Colin Firth as King George VI

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