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Tennis Power

 I'm going to talk about a great sport which is very phenomenal and amazing. I also, spend great times while watching it on TV. This sport is Tennis I have been watching it since 5 years ago, but I wasn't exactly into it, because I didn't know how it worked I mean on which rules they depend on to play over it, after a while of watching this sport I knew the rules and it became more interesting to me and I enjoyed every single match  I had watched. besides I started to look for some photos for some great players like Roger Federer and lately Novak Djokovic. The rules of this game aren't that hard to understand but definitely take some times to be completely understood by a person who had never watched the game. So many people specially in the Middle East don't like it so much, they even don't give it a chance. They actually aren't patience and they just love to complain, with all respect but complaining about something without giving it a chance ain't lead you to anywhere. I hope that the idea over this sport changes and that the middle east  also, be a strong part of  this sport and to have such great players. We need just to believe in ourselves and not underestimate our abilities to be champions in this era  and in my country Saudi Arabia specifically.

Tennis is a great game to play, to watch, and it gives you a lot of lessons that need to be learned in many places in the world. It gives you the power to look for what you want and appreciate what you already have. it also makes you have patience and be wise in your speech with people and with yourself as well it makes you feel better of yourself i know it crazy what I'm saying might be a bit strange but it worth it.  It worth the try just before you do decide weather you want to learn something great behind this or just to enjoy your time at the end it will have you something . Honestly  all what it matter is the love after every match and how the players have respect for each other because here rawness have no place

at the end you learn to love and to respect others for who they are not for what they have
no rawness means Tennis sport just gives you a lesson.


الجمعة، 5 يوليو 2013

The King's Speach


 The King's Speech was first released in 2010  the 6th of September, A historical drama film. The movie was very successful at that time which made them won an academy award for it and the main Character is King George VI (Colin Firth). the beginning of the movie was better than any movie I've watched before which made it very interesting,as well  the music ; it was fit to the beginning and it was so beautiful and relaxing, it was just perfect. The story was even  better. In fact, the main point was deep and it let you think more about how to give a perfect speech without losing your confidence whatever you are saying and whatever the subject is. you got to believe in yourself and to work hard for what you want. King George said once after he went to a doctor in their first meeting  that he can't do it and its very hopeless trying to achieve the main goal of all that, but the doctor was a believer a strong one, actually he didn't give up on King George ever. He tried his best to help him and believe me the result was unexpected at all. The movie is very inspirational  you wont regret watching it.

Don't forget to learn from it,too 
its very helpful, Good luck. 

Here's some quotes:  

Lionel Logue: Do you know any jokes?
King George VI: ...Timing isn't my strong suit.

Lionel Logue: How do you feel?
King George VI: Full of hot air.
Lionel Logue: Isn't that what public speaking is all about?

Lionel Logue: You still stammered on the 'W'.
King George VI: Well I had to throw in a few so they knew it was me.

Robert Wood: Let the microphone do the work.

King George VI: Is the nation ready for two minutes of radio silence?

King George VI and His wife

Colin Firth as King George VI

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I write using Arabic Alphabets

Words In Arabic Alphabets

My native language is The Arabic language as you can see its very hard for learners if it wasn't the most difficult one at all, when I begin to write I didn't begin by using my native language I never thought of, actually I start writing by using the English language,because I was looking to write stories in English. Honestly, I was thinking that if I did this I will be different and I would be special like nobody could do what I did instead of thinking deeply about the idea of being phenomenal isn't in what you're doing,but in who you are .I forgot to be me that's why I refused to write using  Arabic language. 

In fact, someone inspired me  who was a Saudi Arabian men was "Abdullah AlJumaah" he's a writer and he's studying in Harvard Uni which is very impressive to be honest. I was very interested to read some of his works and I decide to buy his book "Saudi In Europe" . At first, I couldn't buy it, because it wasn't available at where I live, my aunt's daughter had the chance to get the book which was great and I was so excited for it , but at that moment I got scared that I might not be able to buy it,so I asked her to give me the book after she finished reading it and she said that's okay. clearly, isn't better than buying the book itself,but at least I'll have the chance to read it you know.

After a while I got busy with my studying and the final exams took my full time. I couldn't take the book from her and I don't think that she finished the book yet. I knew on twitter that the book is available on "Jarer Bookstore" which made me very excited to buy it, so immediately after I finished my exams I spoke with mom to get it for me and how it's really important for me to buy this book. Mom said yes then, my father took us there and believe me it was my pleasure to read such a book,because I had such a great feeling while reading it and I learned a lot from it. I don't know if I could say that ,but definitely one of my favorites. phenomenal book and sensational author

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أكتُب بحروف عربية

                                             أكتُب بحروف عربية

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته ..

لغتي العربية هي من أعظم اللغات و من أصعبها إن لم تكن الأصعب, بدايتي مع الكتابة لم تكن عربيه إطلاقاً بل ولم تخطر على بالي بتاتاً فقد كُنت مشغولةً أركض خلف شيء آخر وهو أن أصبح كاتبة عربية بحروف أجنبية أو بالأدق أنجليزية نعم فلم أكن أسعى سوى أن اروي قصصاً و حكايات باللغه الإنجليزية كنت دائماً أرفض فكرة كتابتي بلغتي الأم لا أعلم لماذا و لكن فقط كنت أريد أن أصبح مختلفه أن أصبح مميزة عن أي شخص لم أفكر بأنني أستطيع فعل ذلك بكوني أنا و أن اللغه مهما كانت لا تهم نعم لاتهم كتبت قصتين باللغه الأنجليزية و كتبت قصائد إن لم تكن خواطر بسيطة أيضا و لم أجرء على أن اكتب باللغه العربية إلا بعد فترة.

لقد بدأت بالكتابة باللغه العربية بعد أن ألهمني كاتبٌ سعودي  "عبدالله صالح الجمعة"  لقد كانت شخصيته الرائعة و ثقافته العالية ما شاء الله في دفعي بشكل كبير إن لم يكن الشيء الرئيسي للكتابة باللغه العربية نعم إنه رجلٌ سعودي عظيم من بين القلائل العظماء الآخرين إن لم يكونوا النادرين و نسأل الله بأن نقول يوماً "الكثيرين" و لكن هذا هو الواقع. و مما زادني حماسة هو قراءتي لكتابه " حكايا سعودي في أوروبا" و الذي استمتعت جدا بقرائته إذ كنتُ أتوق لشراءه منذُ زمن . أذكر بأن ابنة خالتي اشترته من معرض الكتاب بالرياض و كنت أشعر بالحماسه ربما أكثر من ابنة خالتي نفسها لا أدري لماذا و لكن كنتُ كذلك, شعرتُ قليلاً بعدها بالخيبة ليس لأن ابنة خالتي حصلت على الكتاب قبلي بل لأنني قد لا اجده متوفرا في منطقتي مما جعلني أطلب منها بأن تعيرني إياه عند انتهائها من قرائته و وافقت على طلبي. لم تكن حماستي بإستعارة الكتاب كبيرة كتلك الحماسه التي كنت سأشعر بها لدى شرائي لهذا الكتاب و لكن شيء أفضل من لا شيء.

بعد مدة شاءت الأقدار على أن لا استعير الكتاب من ابنة خالتي فلقد الهتني الدراسة و الاختبارات النهائية عن ذلك لذا عندما انهيت الاختبارات تحدثت مع والدتي عن رغبتي بالذهاب لمكتبة جرير إذ علمت بأن الكتاب أصبح متوفراً لديهم فأصررت على الذهاب بأسرع ما يمكن فلقد قلقت أن ينفذ و الحمدلله تيسرت الأمور و ذهبت أنا و والدتي لشراء الكتاب و عدة أشياء آخرى . بدأت بقراءة الكتاب سريعاً لدى وصولي للمنزل لم أضيع الوقت ابداً.

لم أندم بتاتاً على قراءة الكتاب فلقد كان كما توقعت بل و أكثر و لم يكلفني الكثير من الوقت فلقد انهيته في مدة بسيطه جداً و لم أشعر بشعور يشابه شعوري لدى قراءة هذا الكتاب ياله من كتابٌ رائع و كاتبٌ أروع.

شعور عظيم عندما يُلهمك شخص ما و أنا أود كثيراً بأن أشعر بهكذا شعور مُجدداً من قبل شخص من مُجتمعي خصوصاً نعم فما أفضل من ذلك. و حمداً لله بدأت بكتابة قصة باللغه العربية و اسميتها "قصتي مع الإلمنتري" و ها أنا أكتب بحروف عربية لهدف عربي 


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A Dancer Without a Soul


                               A Dancer Without a Soul

You can't see what I'm seeing now
You can't feel what I'm feeling now

You left and you took my heart and my mind
you promise to dance with me one more time

but you left ,and left me without any kind of life
I became a dancer without a soul

But I still waiting that one more dance
That dance will bring my soul back

but it'll not gonna to happen if that person wasn't you
 I still waiting for it , I still waiting for you
and I still waiting for that one more dance

You left and you took my heart and my mind
you left and left an empty soul wishes to dance.

© 2013 AnoudQ

Poem "Forever Is Just a Word" - By Anoud AlQahtani


Forever Is Just a Word

There was a time when I thought that I'm gonna to have you like forever.
it was just for a while when I realized that forever is just a word. 

it's easy to say but it's more difficult to do it .
yeah may be we're so in love but ask yourself if it's gonna to last.  

you will know the truth that nothing last forever. 
you will say but our love could do it ,

could beat all of that ,
we could make the impossible together.

yes we will babe we will but we should never say this word again.
we should live the moment .

live in happiness and forget forever.
let's live together just like we did live forever.   

© 2013 AnoudQ

Introduction about me ..

 Hello everyone I hope you are having such a great time wherever you are. I just wanna say that I still new here and I don't have anything in my mind to talk about , but I promise you I will soon  

  I am a Saudi girl. I study in college and majoring in English language which I still have just a couple of years  to graduate Enshallah. I am a very positive person and I don't give any interest of what people are saying actually, but I do listen to those who give me such an inspirational words and push me to do my best and believe me, I try my hardest not to let them down. I like writing and I'm writing a story which I start writing it a few weeks ago . I hope that I finish it and have my own book. You can say that I dream big, but I fight for it, too with a lot of passion and love and failed
 isn't an option for me I hope you feel the same,too

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