الخميس، 18 يوليو 2013

Tennis Power

 I'm going to talk about a great sport which is very phenomenal and amazing. I also, spend great times while watching it on TV. This sport is Tennis I have been watching it since 5 years ago, but I wasn't exactly into it, because I didn't know how it worked I mean on which rules they depend on to play over it, after a while of watching this sport I knew the rules and it became more interesting to me and I enjoyed every single match  I had watched. besides I started to look for some photos for some great players like Roger Federer and lately Novak Djokovic. The rules of this game aren't that hard to understand but definitely take some times to be completely understood by a person who had never watched the game. So many people specially in the Middle East don't like it so much, they even don't give it a chance. They actually aren't patience and they just love to complain, with all respect but complaining about something without giving it a chance ain't lead you to anywhere. I hope that the idea over this sport changes and that the middle east  also, be a strong part of  this sport and to have such great players. We need just to believe in ourselves and not underestimate our abilities to be champions in this era  and in my country Saudi Arabia specifically.

Tennis is a great game to play, to watch, and it gives you a lot of lessons that need to be learned in many places in the world. It gives you the power to look for what you want and appreciate what you already have. it also makes you have patience and be wise in your speech with people and with yourself as well it makes you feel better of yourself i know it crazy what I'm saying might be a bit strange but it worth it.  It worth the try just before you do decide weather you want to learn something great behind this or just to enjoy your time at the end it will have you something . Honestly  all what it matter is the love after every match and how the players have respect for each other because here rawness have no place

at the end you learn to love and to respect others for who they are not for what they have
no rawness means Tennis sport just gives you a lesson.


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