الجمعة، 6 سبتمبر 2013

Think Positive

I really love to see people working so hard to achieve their dreams and to reach  what they are looking for no matter how hard it is. They fight without stop,they listen to their hearts and they think deeply about nearly everything before making new steps and aren't afraid of failure at all. Unfortunately, some people simply don't like that if they fail they quit . To tell the truth those kind of people have no faith and no confidence if they believe in themselves they will achieve the sky there no limits for everything you know. I find it sometimes hard for me to learn something new,but I keep pushing myself till I approve it and be good at it and I feel bad if I didn't make it well, yet I try my best to do so.I know it is not a new thing that people work hard and everything, but I really want to mention it at least to remind myself and others that we need to keep working on ourselves without feeling bored and never stay in a negative place no matter what positive environment develops us, so please keep doing what you love and have faith, because that what it will last for you not the gloomy people .

with love
Anoud ALQahtani